Love this Morning

Happy Nyepi day

I love this morning, maybe because today is a Holiday. Yippee.. 🙂 😀
I have enough time to laze on my bed, sing my favorite song loudly, read some books, enjoy my room  and seeing everything in a diffrent way… I love the view from here, especially from my window and wanna share to you with this picture.

* Madam in the red-drying the clothes*

*one of my favourite view from my window. Really love the clouds. Nice*

*this is my window. You rock!!!*

*Read, read, read!! Hii books, long time no see. Are you busy?? (-__-”)* 

* I think it’s a #coolstuff . Heart it. I love Barcelona*

*my window (again) and colorful  neighbor roof. Why i like it???* 

Salatiga, 23/3/2012
10 a.m.
When i write, it’s my playlist : Mirror in the Wall (Lil Wayne ft Bruno Mars), Rolling in the Deep (Adele) & Baby I love your ways (UB40).

what a wonderfull world


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