Someday in April

April has passed, but I am in love with the morning there. Someday when i went to the office,  I took these pictures. I thought how wonderful it. The flowers, the skies, the peoples, bliss & tenderness. I had almost forgotten about the pictures, but lucky me, I found it :).

Merbabu Mountain , 5.26 am
A Mountain behind the house. Photo taken from my room at 5.36 am
Merbabu Mountain 5.40 am. Taken from my room
It’s have a great petals and colours. Taken at 8.06 am, on the way to the office
When you feeling bad, look at to the red roses. The beauty will help relieve your pain. Taken at 08.07 am.
An ant are looking for sweet honey from the flowers. Taken at 08.15. On the way to the office.
I think it’s look like the orchids are say good morning to me. Lovely. Taken at 08.20 am.
I don’t have any ideas who were they. But they had a great smile to start they day. It should also present in our face every day.. Yipppi.

I’ll be waiting for april to come back. Happy passed April!!!


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