An Everlasting Poem

Yesterday while I was surfing the internet, I found a beautiful and romantic poem. If the title translated to English is “I’m affraid”. The poem was ever known as the work of England masterpeace, William Shakespeare. The poem also been claimed a part from the lyrics of the Regge Singer legend, Bob Marley. But in fact this poem is the  creation of a poet  from Jeddah, Sheikh Qyazzirah Ariffin (Please read the essay in HorisonOnlinm, Write by Ilham Q. Moehiddin for additional information). In my opinion, this poem is fantastic. The words are very realistic, with the common explanations are simple and finally converging on the main conclusions

I’m Affraid

You say that you love rain,

but you open your umbrella when it rains…

You say that you love the sun,

but you find a shadow spot when the sun shines…

You say that you love the wind,

But you close your windows when wind blows…

This is why I am afraid;

You say that you love me too…

(Qyazzirah Syeikh Ariffin From Jedah)

I also found other poems that are built from simple words like “i’m affraid”. Simplicity of the poems is the location of it’s beauty (poems excerpted from  and We could have different meanings depending on the personal interpretation. These poems are old and I had never read before. Maybe these authors never imagined their writings will be archived online, read and can be favorites for many peoples. The power of words, is everlasting. Like the poem  re-write here. They are rock, very inspiring and i love them much. Only six, favourites from all of my favorites poem I Re-Write  here. I’ll found almost 20 interesting and beutifull poem.Really, need a whole day to choose which one I must inserted. :D. And here it is.  Hope you enjoy this.

First snow

First snow


on the half-finished bridge.

(Matsuo Basho, From Japan, 1644 – 1694)


First winter rain

First winter rain–

even the monkey

seems to want a raincoat.

(Matsuo Basho, Come from Japan, 1644 – 1694)


In A Poem

The sentencing goes blithely on its way

And takes the playfully objected rhyme

As surely as it takes the stroke and time

In having its undeviable say.

Robert Frost, San Francisco :1874 – 1963


Overnight at the Riverside Tower

Evening colors linger on mountain paths.

Out beyond this study perched over River Gate,

At the cliff’s edge, frail clouds stay

All night. Among waves, a lone, shuddering

Moon. As cranes trail off in flight, silent,

Wolves snarl over their kill. I brood on

Our wars, sleepless here and, to right

A relentless Heaven and Earth, powerless.

(Du Fu : 712-770: China)


I shall imagine life

i shall imagine life

is not worth dying,if

(and when)roses complain

their beauties are in vain

but though mankind persuades

itself that every weed’s

a rose,roses(you feel certain)

will only smile

(Edward Estlin Cummings , Massachusetts : 1894 – 1962)


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