Something is not like we seem (-__-”)

               Everything are not always as we see. If the sky is cloudy, it doesn’t mean rain will going down. When I was a  kid, I think being an adult was fun. They can choose something themselves, they can decide all things alone, they free  go anywhere they want, have their own money and can buy anything. But you know, I miss my childhood too much this night. Anyway, life must going on!!! No Matter What. Being adult is a choices.

Well, back to the topic of conversation, as or age increase, we would understand, some things are not always like we seem it. I remember the first time I met my best friend. I think she was a girl who arrogant and evil because of her eyes, yeah you know what I mean. But I was wrong. She is a girl who was kind, sweet and funny. We had been friends almost six years. It is true, just like my mom said, “do not judge a book by its cover”. Many things that we’ll learn. We live in the plural world, surrounded by many peoples, characters, cultures, and customs. Inevitably we will learn about them. Someday you can get felling some guys, a random, falling in love with you. But after going a long time, you know you was wrong. He just think’s this relation is friends. Our interpretation is too much. !_!. In other cases, the mens who seem indifferent and not care about us precisely in love with us and we have absolutely no idea about it . Suprise… and so lucky if we had same fellings. ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ. See, not always things that you think is true is true. But lucky you,  you got the answer to the big question yourself for, even how peoples look about you. Never mind, shows must go on. yaiiiy. Live not simple as like we imagine.

Sometimes  our interpretation affect our personal judgment especially related to the people closest to us. My niece introduce a woman who was close to him. First time I saw this girl I just frowning. She was wearing tight shorts, tight red top and bright orange nail polish. ( ゚ Д゚). Ehm.. you know, I’m shocked. In my mind she looks like ehm yea you know, : something. After talking for a while, I know she just doesn’t like I imagine before. She is kind and cute girl. For a long time we know each other, she is a person who cares, full attention and good listener. I’m so sorry for too much interpretation baby ┌(_ _)┐. Now, I learn to manage my mind better. My boss said in one morning, “Positive minds making positive lives”.  What a lovely quotes (∩_∩).

One thing also I learn from every situation above, do not trust someone too faster. Interpretations of somebody is sometimes do not like what we thought. So be careful when we action and talking to others (´・ω・`).  Like the the Bible says, live in this world should be shrewd as snakes and harmless as doves.  Live must go on. Don’t be angry if something doesn’t seems like we guess. Just relax and don’t angry too much if some peoples act not like we expect because we also can not necessarily be what the others want.

゜゜゜゜゜゜ ╭(^▽^)╯゜゜゜゜Happy Tuesday゜゜゜゜╭(^▽^)╯゜゜゜゜゜゜


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