Massage in a Bottle

A love letter to you (Pics from
A love letter to you (Pics from

Dear darling,
I hope the ocean will bring this letter in your hand until immediately.
I am sending this letter with a million misses from me and our beloved son, William “Will” Turner III.
He was born nine month later after you sail to the Netherworld.
A handsome boys and he’s got eyes and smile a lot like you.
I have not life as a pirate anymore. I’ve chose to raise our son in a island where we meet each other last time.
At least my hanker a little relieved by the memories were still wet on this place.
Every afternoon I kept looking to the horizon and hope a miracle happens.
You run to meet me and not leave again. But is not going to happen right? I know, I know. Β What a stupid me.
But I just miss you too much.

Will, my love,
While you fight to the rigors of the ocean, I’m fight with my heart.
I learn to be patient. A lot of patient.
But the time was never more meaningful when paired with our bigger love.
I still believe in the power of love shall bring together us. Someday.

Rest nine years from now we will meet again. It’s not a long time William.
I’ll wait for you. Your son wait for you too.
Take care andΒ give a hug for Bill from both of us.

My dear husband, I will kept your heart safe.
And where ever you are, my heart always belong to you.
With Love and kisses,

your wife, Elizabeth Turner

*tribute toΒ  Pirates of the Caribbean fans around the world*


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