Please always smile :D
Please always smile 😀

Don’t cry! Please, don’t do it.

Don’t weaken again the legs that was ready to run
Don’t make the rain drop in the lonely nights again
Don’t make me think again and again

Oh, c’mon! Don’t look at me with those stare.
The stare that I want looked at while I slumped

I know, I know. May be for you and others it stupid and crazy
Leave this happy and comfort zone for go to in the middle of nowhere
But for me it’s like a fairy tale and I must jump in, for prove to my self it is true 🙂

I know you love me with your own way, so do I.
I love you in my own way.
I gotta miss you, a lot misses.

But I gotta go Dad!
Oh, finally I tell you. It’s really really hard. Like read text in Spanish!
Please, don’t stop to Smile to me

*damn, I miss you already!


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