Ten Post That I Loved

This is a some self writing that I ever post on this site.
They are old posts and I don’t know but I just love them.

Enjoy your blog walking on my past story and leave a comment in every post below 🙂

1. Single Fighter – A letter for everyone who fighting alone in them life.

2. Embun dan Kopi ~ A letter from woman who misses her lover. She hoped her lover to come home soon.

3. To Anita With Love ~ A letter from Maria for Anita : Inspired from American musical “West Side Story”. People call this drama ‘Rome an Juliet on a moderen verse”.

4. *Imperio* ~  A letter form a lady who had a big dream with her lover, but can make it happen because the man is died.

5.  Nikmati Sajalah!! ~The post about how to enjoy every feeling we felt in our life. 🙂

6. Bahagia itu Mungkin Sederhana ~ Being happy it may be simple or very hard depending on how we respond to everything

7. Suatu Ketika, Korek Api Kayu ~ A prose about willingness to release past

8. #Challenge8: A Song That Me Know All The Words To ~ It’s a part form 30 days meme challenge songs  last year. In this song, I make interpretation in every single words that the song have – my subjective opinion –

9.  IBU ~ A poem that I wrote dedicated to a lovely women on my life – momy- .

10.  Aku memandangmu ~ A love poem: I just love it too much!

See these postings make me nostalgic to the past. Like a magic time machine. 

“I think all writing is a disease. You can’t stop it.” —William Carlos Williams


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