S for Space

So here we I am, creating my own space. I hope you do the same thing, create your own space. Anything you want to be, let’s go and make it happen. Life not only about finding your self, but also about creating your self, what you wanna be. I love the time when I drawing, so I do it. Well, I think drawing is the one thing that keep me sane. Last night I made it, when got a little sickness,  I made space on paper, a sketch paper, because I don’t have any water color paper right now. After it, posted my painted on twitter, the tittle is – SALTY SPACE- ( I used salt on my art work to make an effect, nebula effect I guess), and some friends like it. Uyeeee. I’m so happy ifother people love my work. I learned space painted from tutorial on youtube after seen my instagram friend posted her own.

So thanks for youtube and curiosity that God give to every human. I think many art work I wanna make, and may be February is the right moon to make it happen. So, see you on February readers :*

Space Painting
Space Painting

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