#15 : Moonlight Kiss – Bap Kennedy

This is your song ^^
This is your song ^^

I wish I could fall, On a night like this
Into your loving arms for a moonlight kiss

This is the last picture I drawn for my #drawingsongchallenge. I finished made it on 26 March and need several days to learnt how drawn people from side view. It’s pretty hard but I’ve make it happen. :D. This song is someone favorite. I never know this song until he told me last month. Well, the lyrics quite romantic and it’s have unique music. Added to playlist ^_^. The song is soundtrack of serendipity movie (2001).

I made this using 2B and 8B pencil also some water colors. I love the moon, I love the process i finished this drawn and the secret behind the song :p. So this is my last drawn for drawing challenge. See you on another challenge. Thank you for read, comment and liking.

*Sending a Thousands hugs :*)


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