Because You Can

10340144_10152734321475489_2816506443020878413_nSketch By @Redcarra

I begin this post with a little story about how post title coming from. A week ago, mommy Carra, the one of supper mommy group, made my self sketch. It’s really surprise and I love it so much. On the sketch, she said : Smile Because You Can. Although it’s seems simple but for me it’s a great thing. The sentence playing again and again on my brain and it’s really help me to pass my crazy month. Small positive words, can rise a big souls. Thank you mak :D-

A couple days ago, my phone was broke, totally died. On the first time, I really depressed. What about my instagram, BBM and whatsapp account? How if people contact me, sending me massage or some stuff like that and I can’t reply it quickly? May be I’ll lost information, maybe I’ll lost oppurtunitty and die soon. HAHA. In a fact, I’m alive, breath and smile while writing this post.

When people lost something that always make their brain happy, they will had panic attack. The response I shown is a normal one.  Many people get it too. People want their life being perfect and less of problem. But nothing perfect in this silly world. In the morning, after my phone broke at the night before, I realize something. Many things happen on this world and we can’t control some. It just happen, even you tried harder to prevent it. When your old phone broke, or lost them on a jungle, it just happen. Or you fiance meet someone strange, falling in love with them and decide to leave you, it just happen. And you just have three option, crying  a lot and die soon or crying so bad and try to fixed it harder or crying a little while, let it go and found a new one.

I’ll choose the third ; Crying, Let it go and found a new one. Because it doesn’t make a long stupid  drama and  just spent a little energy. Simple and acceptable on my mind.

So, hows your day? Full of deadline? Unpredictable broken heart coming? Phone really broken? Relax. Many people out there maybe feel the same thing as you feel. Your not alone. Just make simple and smile because you can, breath because you should. Share a positive things. You never knows who you inspire.

Happy Monday readers. :*


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