When I wake up this morning, I take my phone. I type a massage :  “Congratulation, your daddy doing a great job yesterday.” and want to send it to you.
But thank God, my phone lost signals and well – pending. That massage shouldn’t be delivered.
I took a breath and realized it’s an April, nor December or January. People changed. You changed, they chenged, so do I. All of us changed.
But sometimes, changed didn’t work on feels.

And then I got lunch on the place that we were meet for the first time in Ambon. I celebrate the past, i celebrate my sadness, I celebrate the moment when some things didn’t works like you want.

So, I take a courage, jumping to the hell, dial your number and called you- because I want to talk you now. Not yesterday.
Thank you for picking up and talk a little longer. Thank you for singing.
And when we talk, I don’t wanna asking why you? Or how could you? Or how dare you bla bla  bla
Because knowing you are good there, even you are not, it’s very nice feeling to hear your voice again. You still alive is more than everythings.

I have been tell a wrong conclusion before, just some things has been changed.
Not everything.
Evolution changed some parts. Not everythings.
I forgot, cockroach is an ancient animal.
Well, sometimes ego makes human doesn’t saw things clearly.
I know you smiling there when you read it because I broke my own conclusion.
Some part on your self didn’t changed too.
So, so, so.




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